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Osprey Solutions, LLC is a Seattle-based environmental consulting firm whose mission is to provide a full range of raptor research and management services to industry and government.  Building on 25 years of technical, research and management experience, our staff has developed state-of-the-art, cost-effective procedures and tools to evaluate and eliminate or minimize negative human-wildlife interactions. Our technical services include:

  • Osprey Nest Management
  • Raptor Electrocution Evaluations and Mitigation Planning
  • Wildlife Agency Consultation, Coordination and Permitting
  • Avian Protection Program Development and Assessments
  • Raptor Surveys, Inventories and Nest Monitoring
  • Wildlife-Contaminant Investigations
  • Raptor Research Projects
Osprey Solutions, LLC provides expedited nest management services to minimize risks associated with bird nests on power poles, light poles, cell towers, bridges and industrial equipment. Our nest management strategy is based on the concept of coexistence, using effective, non-lethal, nest excluder devices to completely exclude nesting attempts at undesirable sites to ensure bird protection and reliability of industry operations while simultaneously accommodating the nesting birds by providing a suitable, alternative nesting platform nearby. Contact us to develop a site-specific solution tailored to your infrastructure and landscape options using Google Earth satellite views or an on-site meeting.    

We have provided nest management services to the following clients during the past 20 years: 

 Federal Governments  Electric Utility Industry
 Canadian Forces Base Kingston, Ontario  Avian Power Line Interaction Committee
 Bonneville Power Administration  Avista Utilities, Spokane, WA
 NOAA Western Regional Center  BC Hydro, Vancouver, British Columbia
 U.S. Air Force, Otis AFB  Consumer's Power, Philomath, OR
 U.S. Army Corp of Engineers  Edison Electric Institute, Washington D.C.
 U.S. Bureau of Land Management  Emerald Public Utility District, Eugene, OR
 U.S. Bureau of Reclamation  FortisAlberta, Calgary, Alberta
 U.S. Coast Guard, Thirteenth District  Inland Power and Light, Spokane, WA
 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Pacific Region    New Brunswick Tranmission Corp, Canada
 U.S. Navy, Mare Island Shipyard  Pacific Power & Light (PacifiCorp), Portland, OR
 State and Local Governments  Portland General Electric, Portland OR
 Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife  Private Manufacturing Industry
 Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife  Boeing Development Center, Seattle, WA
 King County (WA) Dept. of Natural Resources  Cadman Sand and Gravel, Inc., Seattle, WA
 Seattle Parks and Recreation Department  Georgia-Pacific Pulp and Paper, Toledo, OR
 Oregon Parks and Recreation Department  Lafarge North America, Seattle, WA
 Port of Seattle, Seaport Division  Northland Marine Services, Seattle, WA
 Port of Portland, Seaport and Aviation Divisions  Non-Profits and Educational Institutions
 Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority  Audubon Society of Portland, OR
 Cities of Bellevue, Longview, Vancouver, WA  Northwest Public Power Association
 Cities of Albany, Bandon, Coos Bay, Corvallis,  OR  Oregon Coast Aquarium, Newport, OR 
 Cities of Eugene, Gold Beach, Newport, Yachats, OR  SeaWorld, San Diego, CA 
 Wireless Telecommunication Industry  Tolt Junior High, Carnation, WA 
 AT&T Wireless Services  University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 
 Nextel (Sprint)  University of Massachusetts, Amherst
 T-Mobile USA

Main Office:

Jim Kaiser, Consulting Wildlife Biologist

Osprey Nesting Chronology, Washington State, USA

Return from winter grounds

25 Mar – 12 Apr

Clutch completion (egg incubation) period

23 Apr – 15 June


30 May – 22 July

First Flight of Young

21 July - 11 Sept

Departure to wintering grounds

27 Sept – 15 Oct

Sensitive nesting period

10 April – 15 August

Maximum incubation disturbance time

20 minutes

Suggested nest maintenance period

1 Oct – 1 Apr

Suggested nest protection period

1 Apr – 1 Oct

3300 Beach Drive SW, Seattle, WA 98116
Office: (206) 938-1600; Mobile: (206) 909-4283
Email: Jim_Kaiser@comcast.net

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